If you called from a Forex company and offer a passive income of 30% per month under the trust management of an analyst. Are these scammers or a good offer?

Passive income is any income that does not depend on daily activities. Surely, there is no such person who would not like to periodically receive any interest on deposits, rent payments or dividends.

Today we will touch on the topic of passive income, but will not offer the 10 most common ways to obtain passive income. What then will be discussed? Are you intrigued?


Phone call. Unfamiliar number. Pleasant female voice.

– Hello. Interested in passive income?

And further, with the same pleasant voice, the girl makes me a tempting offer – the possibility of receiving a passive income of 30% per month. And the temptation of the proposal lies in the fact that I actually do not need to do anything. You just need to bring the money to ABV Capital, and then the company’s employees will engage in it – professional analysts and traders with three hundred years of experience in various financial markets. I will only have to get a monthly profit.

“So it’s wonderful!” You say. And I agree with this, but I remind readers of my favorite saying: “The devil is in the details.” The details are very interesting to me (and now, I hope, to you).

I type in the name of the company in Google and I see that the company is an investment bank, part of the ABV group of companies. But we are not like, as it were, sewn. My question is “ What organization regulates the activities of your company? “Puzzles the girl. After searching for an answer that took her a while, she invites a senior manager to the phone, who will answer all my questions.

The senior manager answers with a confident voice that they are regulated by the Russian Federation. Curious…

In exactly the same confident voice, I tell the senior manager that I didn’t give any consent to the advertising calls, and therefore, on what, in fact, basis do they call me? I get an indistinct answer that they have publicly available information that I am a trader and everything like that.

After a few more of my questions, the enthusiasm of the senior manager somewhat faded. Realizing that for their company I am a hopeless client, the conversation was over.

And now, dear experts, the question is – who called?


Honestly, this is not the first call of this type. I get them periodically. Surely, many of the traders also encountered them. Experienced traders understand who and why they are calling from the first word.

And for those who are not yet in the know, know that these are real scammers trying to take possession of your money under the guise of investing or trading.

The scheme of their work is simple: you are offered to deposit money into a trading account with their company, after which you can try to trade on it yourself or entrust the management of your money to “super traders and analysts” that Wall Street fears. Further events develop as follows:

  • If you are trying to trade on your own, sooner or later you merge your account and remain in the position of “a fool himself.”
  • If your account is under “reliable” management, then again, sooner or later, they will call you from the company and inform you that “force majeure circumstances have arisen on the market. Our analysts and traders generally see this situation for the first time. Unfortunately, your account received a loss that exceeds the number of your funds. ” In general, you still remain a company should.
  • Alternatively, you may be asked to deposit “a small amount” into the account, since the situation is about to grow and the loss will be covered with a profit of 1000%.

And if earlier the names of such companies did not say anything even to a knowledgeable person, now these scammers skillfully disguise themselves as real fairly large and well-known companies.


Once, on friendly gatherings, I came across one of the “senior managers” of such a company. In personal communication over a “glass of tea,” he turned out to be a good guy, although what he does is disgusting me.

So, according to him, one manager phones about 5 thousand people in a month, and at the same time, about 10-15 people agree to such a tempting offer.

The newly minted future millionaire is prepared for about a month. Beautiful profit figures are drawn on his account, after which they offer to make more money. Well, why not? Look, things are going just fine with you. If you add at least another 10 thousand dollars to your account, you will receive at least 3 thousand dollars a month.

Not life, but a fairy tale, is not it? And at the mention of the amount they will definitely say “at least”, emphasizing that 10 thousand dollars for their company are just some kind of pocket trifle against the background of their oh-oh-so profits.

In such companies, there is the concept of “close the client . ” That is, your account is intentionally drained. Well, why not merge? Nobody really traded in anything, and to draw at least a profitable report, at least a loss, is a simple matter. After such a “drain” the client is offered to replenish the account. If the client still stirs something in his head, and he refuses or, moreover, begins to make claims to the company, then such a person is simply ignored. Everything, the client is closed.


It is a logical question. And now, remember, starting your acquaintance with forex trading, how many times and on which trading floors you left your phone number. Do you remember? Here I am. But the data did not go away.

That is, in principle, anyone can buy a database of numbers of such thousands for 200 for only a few hundred dollars.


If you got a call with this or a similar offer, first of all. You should treat every word with a great deal of skepticism if you did not hang up at the very beginning of the conversation.

If you understand that you are simply being “bred” for money, you can simply, as the youth say, make fun of yourself and have fun portraying a naive simpleton. If there is no time or desire for this, then forget about all tolerance. Very often, such people play on your reliability and politeness. Ask you not to call again. And yes, in expressions you can not be shy – this will only benefit. Otherwise, if you politely try to bring them to clean water, as in the case that I quoted above, they will talk to you as if you owe them something.

Answering another such call, remember this article. I hope it will protect many novice traders and investors from rash steps and major financial losses.

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